Boobie Mug

So, here’s a sneak peak into my crazy saturday. This ‘legendary’ boobie mug belongs to my friend who got this as a gift from his father when he was like 16 years old.… Continue reading


So, its friday and time for my currently. This week I am : Listening to : Ben Howard. Love his ‘only love’ & ‘the fear’ track. Loving : My black heart, everyone is… Continue reading

Big City Life

Don’t let the system let you down. Break free from the magazine lifestyle. Life is much more than the luxury created by society for you to live in. What your heart truly wants… Continue reading

Happiness is only real, when its shared.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. For me , I have always been a lonely traveller. I left my home early, at the age of 14 and ever since I… Continue reading

Bullet Diaries

I have always been a bike chick. I like cars too but the thrill of riding a bike is more exhilarating for me. Since my dad’s in army, I grew up around Royal… Continue reading

Doodling Doodles

I need very strong emotions to turn my feeling in shapes and doodles. This piece was done by me in 2011 after 3 days of madness, distruction and sadness. But the final outcome… Continue reading


OFRO My friends new album, fresh out for listen. His name is Rohith, a music maker, aural scientist and a traveller obsessed with integrating his life experiences with music through fusing genres and… Continue reading


Its friday and time for my ‘currently’ Listening to : Manu Chao. Love this guy and how beautifully he can blend spanish and french. Loving : Little details, that make a difference to… Continue reading

Oh My Colorful India!!

Was remembering my sister today. She recently got married. Here is a small compilation of her destination wedding which happened in Kota, Rajasthan. Rajasthan is particularly a colorful state because of its desert… Continue reading

Weekend, Road Trip

Like I mentioned in my ‘currently’ last week. We went for a short trip to cool our selves off. The plan was so “Unplanned Unscripted” that I felt random and free again. The… Continue reading

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