Live The Language II

Lets learn a new italian word today!! Another one from my series of Live the Language. Lovely way to showcase my photo, design and language skills. So, my today’s words are : Il… Continue reading


So, its been a while since i posted my currently and to all my freinds who love this post here’s the currently for this week: Listening to : The roots, the sons of… Continue reading

Best. Craigslist. Ad. Ever.

Originally posted on Raanan Bar-Cohen:
Pretty amazing. (posting below in case the ad comes down soon). Grab a paper bag, breathe into it and calm your ass down. You’re hyperventilating because you ain’t…

A day in snow.

I am a traveller, lover, loner. I capture my experiences in pictures, videos, my eyes, my heart and my soul. In my personal understanding of self, i think the ‘crazy mix’ bit in… Continue reading

Absolut Unique Edition

Sorry, to all my readers…even if its a handful. Was very busy with my store opening in Chennai, India. The work was hectic and hours very long. But all in all an amazing… Continue reading

Vintage Treasure

I happened to go antique hunting, yesterday for visual merchandising my store. I work for a retail company and their new store is opening in Chennai, India. For the same, we needed some… Continue reading

Live the Language

You must be knowing the great campaign done by Education First. For those who do not know, an amazing campaign done by language school to promote their schools across the globe. what struck… Continue reading


Time for currently this week. So, Listening to : Angus & Julia Stone. Love the happy, carefree, country kind soft style that they have. Loving : Rosso…the new color for this season. The… Continue reading

Let’s Ride!!!

Let’s ride a bike, into the summer. Feel the skin burn and the sea breeze hit our faces, And the speed of our legs moving, turn into laughter in the air. Lets be… Continue reading

Random Access Memories

I absolutely love love loveeee!!! Daft Punk. Although my listening sessions started back in my school days. My love for them emerged in 2010 during my Masters in Milan. I wanted some fresh… Continue reading

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