Uphill battle of a young one.

Uphill battle of a young one.

Here come’s another post your way and I am sure this will motivate, inspire and move you. As it did me. Sometimes when I get stressed, lonely, worried, & unhappy I think only my troubles are the biggest in this entire universe. I begin to think that my hardships are the worse and this difficult path of my life has made me cold hearted and feeling-less over the years. But I am very much aware that to each person their troubles seem the biggest and the badest.
And I came across this kid today while having my lunch that made me take a deep breath and think to my self ‘my life is not that bad I just need to stop thinking so dark all the time”.
So…I was having my quick lunch at Mc. Donald’s, like most of the times I was eating alone which sometimes is good but when you have been doing that for years now seems like a self activity. I quickly went and grabbed a single seater space to gobble down my cravings for the day. Next to me was a small kid about 3 ft tall, smart in appearance, seemed decently educated. He could have been around 10-13 years old. He was happily munching away his French fries. After sometime I noticed that he was eating all by him self, my first impression was “maybe parents gave him money to go eat at his favorite place” but small hand held fans and head massaging equipment placed next to his tray did not make sense. I was intrigued so I slowly started noticing things around him. He had made 2 separate orders to get the free biscuit pack that Mc. Donald’s was giving away with each order. He had a backpack and wore a watch. He was a kid but seemed very mature in his mannerisms and was quite attentive of his surroundings unlike any other kid I have come across of his age. That made me think, “I crib to be eating alone and look at this kid eating all by himself and making the most of it”.
He finished his meal, packed the 2 packs of biscuits in his backpack picked up his goods and left.
Looking at this I had a sea of thoughts in my head, I finished my meal in sometime and laft the restaurant to go back to my office. On my way, the kid recognized me from Mc. Donald’s and shouted out “madam ji…..madam ji” I stopped and turned to see the same kid, he held out the same products I saw on our table and asked if I was interested to buy. It’s like he understood that I understood his situation and tough time. I asked him if he goes to school, he replied to me “yes madam but not today” I asked him why is he not in school and is selling stuff on streets he did not reply. He started telling me the price of the fan and different varieties in print that he had. I asked him again “why are you not in school?” he replied, “ madam I go to school but problems with family and fees, so I have to do this” “please buy from me and maybe I can go back”. Although, his education level, eating in a Mc. Donald and a backpack made me curios thinking maybe he is just bunking school and hustling some goods to get some fast cash to eat in a fancy fast food restaurant. But the truth on his face, hard selling while it was raining and making use of his education skills to get him by, made me to help him out and buy his product. I bargained a little, as it is the streets. Smiled and wished him luck to going back to school.
Maybe I really helped someone in need or I was just fooled by a really smart 12-year-old kid. Either which way he triggered some fresh thoughts of motivation in my mind, which was needed.

That’s all there is to the story, hope you had a good read. Until next time…much love to all of you. And keep it positive.