A Tiger Doesn’t lose sleep, Over the opinion of sheep.

A Tiger Doesn’t lose sleep, Over the opinion of sheep.

We all have had times in our lives where we have doubted our capabilities, our talents and ourselves. But all it takes is a single thought of motivation, a believer in you and some support of friends/family.
Yes, I doubt my self too sometimes. I think maybe I do not know what am I exactly doing in my life, even if everything is going as planned, maybe I have no talent and maybe I am an as average person as every one else. And in times like this I tell my self or know that I am not an average person because an average person will never question their existence, their future, their ultimate goal for society and universe.
It is only the brave, the tigers, the one’s from crowd apart who will never be happy with a normal 9-5 job, who will not be happy with all the materialistic possessions, with being restricted in a society and it is these people who in their own ways break away form all of this and create a meaningful world of their own. So, it is good to question your self, to push your self further and make your life better. And yes sometimes it’s a longer struggle when compared to your friends or frenemies But the very thought of comparing should not be in your life because you are one of a kind , a tiger and not a sheep. Sheep are alike but not tigers, each tiger has different stripes, so do not compare your self to others, keep on working hard, keep your eyes on the goal, focus and head clear.

Okay, until the next time (which I will try to make it soon) loads of love and kisses to all my readers.