Clam and Fury of water

Clam and Fury of water

I am so sorry that I have not posted anything in a while now. My sincere apologies.
I was, well you could say in the eye of the storm but not in a bad sense, just in the sense of chaos. And only those people survive chaos, who learn to embrace it and try to maneuver their course of action. For the past few days /weeks. I have been busy socializing, spending time with my sister who came to visit us after 5 months, solving love problems for my friends ( I should be a love doctor). And amidst all of this I got stuck, with no time for self.
But no worries, I tackled each situation a step at a time and got through. Just like water I can be clam as a flowing stream or river and as violent as a sea. We should all learn form a simple source of life given to us by mother nature and the most important lesson from water: never be stagnant. Stagnant water breeds diseases, keep on flowing ahead.
As you would have guessed the Italian word to learn is:
Water = Acqua.
Not that difficult at all. I took this picture next to Naviglio Grande Milano. This is their fresh source of water, with some really nice oriental architecture surrounding it.
So, I bid adieu for now. Till then keep smiling.