Play Big or Go Home


Pumping some more life ‘gyan’ to all my readers. I believe life is a game, as the words go ” I am playing the Game, the one that will take me to my end.” (Skazi)
Say’s it all.
If you are an over achiever and have big big goals for your self in life, then you definitely see your life as a big game play, where your time alive is the time in the game and how you play it is how you live. So how can you make it better? 3 simple rules :
1. Play by your strengths : Can be your talent, great management skills, nerd, numbers, dance whatever. If you know your strength then you have most of it figured out.
2. If you don’t have any, practice your strong points: Yeah, its ok to admit that some of us might not be a prodigal child or a genius. But that should never ever hamper your winning stride. You can be a jack of all trades, just try to master some. And more than talent, its your fighting spirit that wins this game.
3. Play BIG or Go home : Last but not the least…always always…play this game big. Cause you did not put so much of effort on your talents, practicing them, perfecting your flaws, stumbling down on mistakes and getting back up to play a small ‘legue match’!  If you wanna play it better , make it a  got dam world cup and you should be the star player of this world cup.

Keep these 3 things in mind and try to push your self more and more as the life passes by. Hope you liked the little write up, let me know your thoughts.