Live the Language IV

Live the Language IV

A new Italian word, up for learning. So, my sweet readers, another one form my series of ‘Live the Language’. Before I tell the story behind this wonderful picture the words are as follows :
1. Una Ragazza : A girl
2. Una Amica : A friend
This is my wonderful friend and Italian mama, Ciara. Very simple, truthful, strong and hard working woman I have met in my life. I could probably even call her Iron Woman. What impresses me most about her is the love and dedication she has towards her friends. While I was just 3 months old in Milan, I fell ill. Being my neighbor and a friend she took care of me and went to every single doctor appointment with me, even if it ment sleeping at 5am (from her work shift) and getting up at 7 am to take me to the hospital. I will never ever ever forget her love and care. I send her light and love.
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