Hold hands, not grudges.

Hold hands, not grudges.

Hello, all my lovely readers. Today I am making a post on a topic very far for me, but sometimes it is ok to do something which you are not used to. Although my mood at the moment is fit to tear apart things and punch through walls. I still want to make this post, as I have put in effort and thought behind it. Also I believe there is no need to bring down my readers cause of me. (hehehehe, I love you all)

So, the other day I came across this : “Holding Hands is a promise to one another that, just for a moment, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone”. Something so simple caught my eye. I am definitely not a hold my hand kinda girl but once in a while crossing roads, walking towards some place or just in the moment I would like someone to hold my hand. Cause let’s face it, the world we live in is much more stressful, fast paced and we as individuals are facing these lives more and more independently. And as we are adopting this “I am independent & strong” persona by the day. Once in a while its nice to know that some one is there to hold your hand, even for a moment. It could be anybody…your friend, lover, husband, pet, or a total stranger (as along as he/she does not come off as creepy).
I remember holding my dad’s hands when I was a kid, and every time we would cross roads, his big hands would hold my tiny, fragile, soft hands and I would feel so safe, maybe thats my association with this simple act.
And as I grew up, I became sappy romantic kid but over a period of time I felt that if some guy was to hold my hand , it was a body language of him owning me and not protecting me. Which could be the case sometimes but besides the whole deal of body language and all, I hate it when you have been holding hands for a long time and palms begin to sweat and you quickly wipe to hold hands again….for them to get sweaty again. Like really??? Please I am sure the other person has got the idea that you care for them and now would be the right time to let go of the hand. Do not worry she will be right there.
So these are my thoughts what are your’s??? Do dorp in a line or two. Would love to hear from you…and maybe go and hold someone’s hand. Maybe they need it, even for couple of seconds. (pssst…let me know how it felt.) 😉
MUAHHHHH, have a crazy weekend.