A day in snow.

I am a traveller, lover, loner. I capture my experiences in pictures, videos, my eyes, my heart and my soul. In my personal understanding of self, i think the ‘crazy mix’ bit in me comes only from the factor of traveling so much.
Here in this picolo video I am sharing my day in, around, with snow.
I have seen snow…but was at a very young age so the recollection of that memory was very faint. Back in Milan during my Masters was the first real experience of snow and what an exhilarating feeling that was!! I was like a lil puppy on cocaine. (imagine) Running around the whole place, messing with the snow, the tress, trying to collect snow flakes on my tongue. It was chilly yet heart warming.

I had the footage stored up deep within the depths of my computer, I decided to compile the bits and pieces and share it with you and my friends. Hope you all like it and spread the white love. ❤