Happiness is only real, when its shared.

Happiness is only real, when its shared.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.
For me , I have always been a lonely traveller. I left my home early, at the age of 14 and ever since I have been living out of my 1 suitcase, 1 trolley bag and a backpack.
Sure I meet old friends when I arrive at a certain destination and make new one. But the travel has always been alone much like LIFE. You are born alone, you die alone you meet old friends, new friends and on the journey you find the companion. I do not know if I will ever find that companion after all these years of my lonesome journey. But hope is always there.
I love to travel alone as I do not have to depend on anyone for anything. I explore in my own way and my own way might be shit but its still mine.
So please give me your views and understanding on this lovely quote form INTO THE WILD.