Uphill battle of a young one.

Here come’s another post your way and I am sure this will motivate, inspire and move you. As it did me. Sometimes when I get stressed, lonely, worried, & unhappy I think only… Continue reading

Heavy heart, un-mended.

Yes, its bee long for my post and today I had my dark, surreal bust of thought that pushed me to make this post. Maybe I need more of these to create more.… Continue reading

A Tiger Doesn’t lose sleep, Over the opinion of sheep.

We all have had times in our lives where we have doubted our capabilities, our talents and ourselves. But all it takes is a single thought of motivation, a believer in you and… Continue reading

Clam and Fury of water

I am so sorry that I have not posted anything in a while now. My sincere apologies. I was, well you could say in the eye of the storm but not in a… Continue reading

Beauty of a wanderer

what what…what what…did i just hear you asking for a new post??? Here it is. Keeping up with the new “thing” to write something meaningful on top of quite average pictures. But I… Continue reading

Deer Graphic

Hello…hello..hello…monday you sun of gun. The coming weeks are going to get very very busy so before i get neck deep in work, here is a little graphic piece by me. I have… Continue reading

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Play Big or Go Home

Pumping some more life ‘gyan’ to all my readers. I believe life is a game, as the words go ” I am playing the Game, the one that will take me to my… Continue reading

Live the Language IV

A new Italian word, up for learning. So, my sweet readers, another one form my series of ‘Live the Language’. Before I tell the story behind this wonderful picture the words are as… Continue reading

Think Positive

Here is my pop art compilation on thinking positive. “penso positivo” means “I think positive” (in italian). Why this post you ask??? Well, sometimes all it takes is a small tiny positive thought… Continue reading

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